Privacy and confidentiality

General statement

This privacy policy is intended to inform users of this website of the nature, scope and purpose of the collection and use of personal information by the website operator. Autistic Paradise takes your privacy seriously and will treat your personal information confidentially and in accordance with the law. Since changes to this privacy policy may be made due to new technologies and the continuous development of this site, we encourage you to regularly review the privacy policy.

Access data

We, the website operator or the website provider, because of our legitimate interest, collect access logs to our website. These access logs contain your IP address, the user agent and the type / location of your requests. This information will only be temporarily stored and is structured in two parts:
access.log: contains full IP addresses and keeps each individual entry for 24 hours.
error.log: contains full IP addresses and logs server errors produced by Nginx (not HTTP errors). Each individual entry is kept for 24 hours.

Collection and processing of personal data

Autistic Paradise does not require any personally identifiable information from users to use it in any form. To avoid providing personal information to Autistic Paradise, use Tor or a VPN and use common sense to protect your own identity. It should be noted that the table / int / attach your country next to your post in the form of a flag. The indicators are only approximate, there is no direct link between user messages and these imprecise contact details.

Data sharing

Autistic Paradise does not share your personal data unless required by law. Please note that Autistic Paradise may report your IP address to the appropriate authority if you create a credible thread about your impending suicide. We will not sell your data under any circumstances.
The administration of the site remains transparent and updates a page concerning any sharing of personal user data that it may have to disclose.
See the page Transparency.

User message management

If you post or comment on Autistic Paradise, your IP address will be linked to your content for security purposes. Due to the operation of the software behind Autistic Paradise, it will be kept until the message is deleted or until 24 hours have passed.

If you post or comment on Autistic Paradise using Tor, a non-existent virtual IP address based on your cookies will be linked to your content for security purposes.


Autistic Paradise may use cookies to publish. They are necessary so that users can publish multiple times with a single resolved captcha. Publishing without cookies is also possible.